Neoalgae is a major project that was created to promote the consumption of microalgae in different sectors such as food and feed, and cosmetics.

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The project 

NEOALGAE was born in 2012 with the objective of bridging the gap between laboratory scale and industrial processes in the field of applications of microalgae.

We have three divisions interconnected (technology, production and R & D), in order to be more effective in developing the skills of the company, and provide optimal service to our customers in the following areas:

Production of different species of microalgae for use in sectors as diverse as human and animal food, cosmetics, or farmacosmetics.

Technical advice for the implementation of photobioreactors for cultivation of different species of microalgae.

Microalgae biomass supply for inoculation of bioreactors. Perform scalar crops and biomass of microalgae both fresh paste and lyophilized, according to customer needs.

Collaboration with other companies and organizations in R & D projects (local, national and international)

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The production plant

Our plant is located in Gijón (in the Poligono de Lloreda) and and it has a production area with different types of photobioreactors, for the cultivation of both fresh and salt water species. It is a greenhouse with temperature control, which guarantees adequate insolation for the correct growth of crops.

Photobioreactors are made of food grade materials, and daily quality controls of culture conditions are performed, controlling temperature and pH by injecting CO2.

In June 2014 and February 2015 , the Ministry of Health of Asturias gave us health records for the production of microalgae for animal and human consumption , and we are currently working to certify us as packers and / or producers of ecological microalgae

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The lab

A very important part of the production process begins in our labs, where the scale of the strains is done to achieve optimal volumes for inoculation into the photobioreactor. Throughout the process control thoroughly the conditions are sterility, to ensure that crops are monospecific. Thus, in our photobiorreators grow only species of interest

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Neoalgae are biologists with different specializations and other professionales, we put every effort to bring to market products of the highest quality, meeting the needs of our customers.

Ignacio Albert - Chief Executive Officer

Fidel Delgado - Chief Innovation Officer

María Álvarez - Technology and Project Department

Izaskun Arronte - Head of the Quality control Department

David Suárez - Production Department

Víctor Casado - Extraction and Purification Department

Sara Ordieres - Accounting Department

Isabel Fernández - Cosmetic Department

Mario Rodríguez - Commercial Department

David Alonso - Community Manager

Cristina Galiñanes - Production Departament

If you want to join our team, send your CV to the following address:

Frecuently asked questions


Microalgae are photosynthetic microorganisms that can grow autotrophic way (they have the capacity to produce their own food from inorganic substances) or heterotrophic (need to feed on living things).

They are generally highly efficient CO2 fixation and utilization of solar energy to produce biomass.