This March the EXPORT FOOD SUDOE project comes to an end, and for that reason we would like to dedicate the blog to reviewing our participation in the project and the benefits we have obtained from it.

12 March 2019


The main objective of the Export Food Sudoe project was to promote the grouping of agro-food SMEs in south-western Europe (SUDOE) in order to initiate and develop common strategies to access international markets. The program has been open to companies in Spain, Portugal and southwest France.

The main objective of the Export Food Sudoe internationalization program has been the creation of export consortia, or cooperation, between Spanish, French and Portuguese companies, which have carried out joint actions to promote their complementary products at an international level.

In this way, the program will achieve its ultimate objective of improving the competitiveness of agri-food SMEs and promoting their internationalization in the SUDOE space, through the execution of transnational cooperation projects between companies.

The work methodology is divided into different actions aimed at promoting direct contact between the participating companies. Specifically:

  • Training and advice
  • Development of strategic internationalization plans
  • Accompaniment by experts
  • Organization of business meetings in Spain, France and Portugal
  • Participation in trade fairs or missions


The project is implemented by 5 Spanish, French and Portuguese partners. Is about:

OFFICIAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY, SERVICES AND NAVIGATION OF SEVILLA: It is a Public Law Corporation, configured as a consultative body and collaboration with Public Administrations, before which it is presented as an institution representing the general interests of companies.

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF LIMOGES AND LA HAUTE-VIENNE: Entity oriented to endow companies with the necessary tools and means to develop international projects.

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF GERS: Public Law Corporation founded in 1900 in the Occitan region. Its main objectives are: Improve the economic development of the department of Gers, Promote the development of economic activity at the local level, Represent and coordinate a network of 7500 SMEs located in the department of Gers

ASSOCIATION OF RESEARCH OF CANARY INDUSTRIES OF THE PRINCIPALITY OF ASTURIAS - ASINCAR: ASINCAR is an agrifood cluster (Bronze Seal of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative) composed of more than 80 members, of which more than 95% are PYMES of the agri-food sector . The Association is based in Asturias and has a staff of 33 employees with multidisciplinary profiles. Currently, ASINCAR has more than 350 clients from the entire agri-food value chain: meats, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, prepared dishes, preserves, gourmet products ...

REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF VALLE DEL AVE - ADRAVE: ADRAVE is a cooperation platform between the different public and private agents that contribute to the development of the Vale do Ave territory. Located in the north of Portugal, the Vale do Ave region has more than 450,000 inhabitants and a strongly developed business fabric.



The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF Funds) through the Interreg Sudoe Program (SOE1 / P2 / E0054)

The Interreg Sudoe Program is part of the European objective of territorial cooperation known as "Interreg", financed through one of the funds of the European regional policy: the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The current programming period covers 2014 to 2020, and follows two previous generations: Sudoe 2000-2006 and Sudoe 2007-2013.

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With the participation in the project, NEOALGAE has had the opportunity to exchange information, experiences and good practices with other companies in the sector, acquiring a better knowledge of international markets such as the Nordic Countries, France, Portugal, etc. He has also had the opportunity of joint participation in fairs and meetings with buyers, creation of business synergies, exchange of contacts and contact networks, sponsorship of joint ventures, offers ... He has carried out trade missions in Sweden and Bordeaux, where he has contacted potential customers which has led to new business opportunities that are beginning to materialize. And he has also participated in the project meetings, such as the one in Seville and the final meeting of the project in Gijón.

Finally, NEOALGAE has offered other companies registered in the project to join and, therefore, develop new business opportunities through this distribution channel.

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