Arthrospira platensis

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Quantitative composition

99% dry extract

1% moisture

Nutritional composition


Dehydrated powder blue-green product composed exclusively of an extract from Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina).

A. platensis is a unicellular cyanobacterium. They are united between them forming multicellular filaments that are rolled in propulsion levógira. Its cultivation is done in brackish water (with a small percentage of salt).

Phycocyanin is a protein that is extracted from blue-green algae, and has antioxidant properties. It is a pigment accessory to chlorophyll, is part of the phycobiliproteins that participate in the energy transfer chain of photosynthesis, and are responsible for approximately 50% of light uptake in cyanobacteria such as Spirulina.


Phycocyanin is a natural antioxidant extracted from Spirulina. In addition it has demonstrated in several experimental models anti-inflammatory effects and reduction of the damage in the inflamed tissue.

This protein also exerts healing effects on skin wounds.

How to use

Direct use of the lyophilized powder, being preferable its consumption without previous cooking. It is convenient to dissolve it in water.


Storage: in closed canister at 4-6ºC. Protect from light.

Dosage: 1 g / l gives an aqueous solution of intense blue color.