Microalgae are an essential source of free amino acids, trace-elements and antioxidants that biostimulate all kinds of crops


Spiragro, biostimulants from microalgae suitable for organic farming.

Contains free amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, phytohormones, trace elements and antioxidants.

Available in a liquid formulation for easy use in both foliar and soil applications.

Increases plant growth and fruit quality.

Protective effect against parasites and fungal diseases.

Protective effect against parasites and fungal diseases.

Animal Feed

All these fertilisers have been developed by Neoalgae and tested in leading European technology laboratories.

This product does not contain any doping substances and is recommended for the following cases:

– It helps to maintain intestinal health and preventing colic in those horses that travel frequently.
– Brittle hulls, sweet itch, quick wear, maintenance barefoot.
– Metabolic problems such as Cushing’s and laminitis; it also helps reduce blood sugars.
– Alterations in the coat colour. Mineral balancer.
– Growing foals, older horses, sport horses, stallions…; it provides essential nutrients for these life stages.