Microalgae provide significant health benefits, and are considered as superfoods.

Neoalgae develops the formulas of our Alskin cosmetic line from microalgae extracts and other marine active ingredients of natural origin, grown and produced in our own facilities.

Microalgae contain extracts responsible for making our skin look its best.

Its properties include the stimulation, healing and regeneration of cells, slowing down the ageing process and increasing the elasticity of the skin, as well as removing impurities and stimulating cell metabolism. They are also powerful anti-radicals and protect against the damage caused by UV rays.

Microalgae provide numerous benefits in skincare.

All the cosmetic creams have the Bio Vida Sana seal certified by Bio-inspecta, which guarantees that they are eco-friendly products whose composition and elaboration is respectful towards the environment and people’s health.

They also have the Halal seal, certified by the Halal Food Authority, which guarantees their suitability for the Muslim consumer, as no animal-derived ingredients are included in their preparation.

Neoalgae laboratories have developed Dersia cosmetic line using microalgae as a base.

One of these microalgae, perhaps the best known, is Arthrospira platensis or Spirulina. Spirulina oil has been the basis for formulating Dersia, a new cosmetic line with organic and vegan certification, created by Neoalgae to help your skin look its best from a natural and sustainable concept.

Dersia cosmetic line has been specially conceived for those customers devoted to active lifestyles who love taking care of their skin in the most organic and natural way and fly the flag for a more sustainable world.

Dersia is exclusively sold in hypermarkets and supermarkets.