Microalgae, considered by some as superfoods, provide essential benefits to our health.



Vesana Superfoods works to achieve a healthier diet through vegetable creams enriched with superfoods (microalgae, chia seeds, maca, linseed oil…)..

Microalgae are rich in vitamins, minerals, natural pigments and essential amino acids.

Our Vesana range includes a line of organic vegetable creams with the COPAE seal, an organic product certification entity in the Principality of Asturias.

Our vegetable creams are certified with the European V label, which guarantees their suitability for vegans.

They are gluten and milk-free, and we do not add any preservatives or colourants to make them as natural as possible.


In Neoalgae we are specialists in food supplements for humans and animal feed based on microalgae.

Besides, thanks to our supercritical fluid extraction and purification technology, we have achieved high-value compounds for the most demanding nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.

We have the European V Label for our microalgae products and Spirulina capsules, indicating their suitability for vegans. Also, our Neospirulina and Neochlorella products, both in powder form, have the Halal seal, certified by the Halal Food Authority, which guarantees their suitability for the Muslim consumer.