Spiragro is a liquid fertilizer rich in amino acids that, when applied in small doses, it stimulates and optimizes the physiological processes of the plant, which promotes its development. Spiragro is a 100% plant-based efficient product that uses microalgae, being its production process ecological and sustainable. The microalgae used have a high protein composition and biological value. After processing, these microalgae generate a high content of free amino acids. The Spiragro L-amino acids are easily assimilated by the plant, in clear contrast with the D-amino acids obtained by other aggressive treatments. Also, both the proportion and quantity of free amino acids are ideal to achieve higher production rates, such as in flowering and fruit set.

Spiragro provides the organism plant with essential molecules, like amino acids, phytohormones and antioxidant pigments, without substituting the fertilizers. In a nutshell, it helps the plant to carry out its internal processes more efficiently, saving the energy that the plant would need to synthesize certain components.

Spiragro is Spirulina based, which is a microalga that contains a higher quantity of free amino acids compared to other bio-stimulants obtained with macroalgae such as Kelp pr Ascophyllum. Additionally, our raw material is produced under controlled growth conditions. That allows manipulation to ensure a significant content on phytohormones, vitamins and antioxidant pigments.


Spiragro is applied at the foliar or root level, and it has been evaluated in different types of crops with good results. The effectiveness of Spiragro has been demonstrated both in fruits and citrus trees, as well as in horticultural, olive or vine products.

Are you cultivating a crop using a different bio-stimulant and would like to know more about Spiragro? Please reach us out and we will help you.